Omega Tsuki (o0vailo0o) wrote in vailosales,
Omega Tsuki

Intro and Feedback Post

As the name implies, this is the sales journal for o0vailo0o.
Feedback posted here is valid for both this account and osoroshia.

When commenting, please label the transaction as a "Purchase" if you bought from me, or "Sale" if you sold to me.
I only require you do that, and mention the items sold/bought in the comment. Anything else you'd like to say is up to you~ no further format required~ Of course it would be preferable if it is mentioned whether it was good or bad.

I do see myself as pretty reliable, even though I've only been buying and selling on LJ since September '09. If something seems wrong, please try to contact me before leaving negative feedback. PMs are never blocked, and I'm glad to help anyone out.

Before mentioning shipping time, please note I do not live in America. While shipping within America seems to take 3 days tops, usually a week is considered fast from Canada. Depending on the location and method of shipment, some parcels may take around two months.
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